Orion Evander is one of the main male protagonists in Dreamless and Goddess. He first sees Helen in the Underworld when Helen is sinking in quicksand. Orion is the reincarnation not of his namesake but that of Aeneas, a son of Aphrodite and a general of Troy. 


Orion's face is that of Adonis, which is also the namesake of his uncle and of Aeneas, a son of Aphrodite and a well known General in Trojan times.

He has curly hair, a strong build and stature, lean muscles laid on his body though scars are vandalized across his back and other parts of his body as seen by Helen.


Helen Hamilton

Although the two dated briefly it is only because of the bond shared by the two when they descend into the Underworld. Helen loves him but loves Lucas more than any in the world.

Lucas Delos

Lucas, Helen and Orion become blood brothers at the end of the second novel by the bidding of Ares only made possible as it was done between worlds, a portal.

Cassandra Delos

Cassandra and Orion have an unspoken love for each other. Cassie being the only person who has chosen him first than being an "option" to which he thinks of himself towards Helen. Cassandra's emotional spectrum only colored silver only bounce and gets giddy when she is speaking to him. Orion acknowledges Cassandra as his "kitty."