Lucas Delos is one of the main protagonists in the Starcrossed trilogy by Josephine Angelini. He's from the House of Thebes, one of the four major houses of Scions. He is also the main love interest of Helen Hamilton. Lucas is the contemporary Prince of Troy, Paris. He was not named for the person he looked like by his mother, Noel in the fear of her son being put in the same fate as the face he has borrowed.

lucas chosen by Josephine Angelini in May 2012


  • Castor (father)
  • Noel (mother)
  • Cassandra (little sister)
  • Hector (cousin)
  • Ariadne (cousin)
  • Jason (cousin)
  • Creon (cousin)
  • Tantalus (uncle)
  • Pallas (uncle)
  • Pandora (aunt)
  • Ajax (uncle)
  • Mildred (aunt)

Physical Description:

Lucas has black hair and and blue eyes, and tan skin. He is the Scion double of Poseidon. He is like Helen seventeen.


Helen and Lucas are the Starcrossed lovers, Paris and Helen of Troy. The undying love they have inevitably accepted had not started pleasntly. The two first met at the hallways of the high school they both attended/attend in where in it was "hate at first sight." Both had tried to kill each other as they were still beckoned by the blood lust the Furies called upon on the Scion Houses. Their love progresses when one night, Lucas saves Helen at one of the deadliest of circumstances she has put herself into.