Hector Delos








House of Thebes

Later House of Rome, House of Atreus and House of Athens

Known Abilities:

Superhuman strength

Superhuman speed

Breathing underwater

Water-based combative fighting

Hector Delos is the son of Pallas Delos, the brother of Jason and Ariadne Delos, and the son of Aileen Delos. He's also the cousin of Lucas and Cassandra Delos. He was born to the house of Thebes. He is the contemporary Hector of Troy, and a descendent of Apollo.

History Edit

Hector was orginally the reason that the Delos family moved to Nantucket from Spain. He had come close to almost killing his cousin, which would have caused him to become and Outcast.

Physical descriptionEdit

Hector has curly blonde hair and blue eyes. He's also tall, towering over even Helen, and is considered very handsome. He is the double of Apollo and looks very much like Michelango's Adam.



Andy (revealed to be short for Andromache) is the half-siren contemporary equivalent of the Trojan prince's wife, Andromache. Andy and Hector's first meeting was not as pleasant as Hector closely resembled Andy's attacker, the Sun God Apollo. Andy bitterly regarded Hector, causing him to despair and slam out of the room. During the fit Andy threw, Helen caught a glimpse of Hector's feelings in the emotional spectrum in his chest. His color went bright and bounced around his body ecstatically, confirming that it was love at first sight. Before Hector went onto his final duel with Matt, the two shared a short passionate kiss and Andy finally reciprocating Hector's hidden feelings for the younger girl. His death had been mourned by the girl gravely.

Jason and Ariadne

Hector is very close to his siblings. He cares for them and loves them deeply, doing whatever he can to protect them. Hector is shown to be very concerned whenever they are injured, or drain themselves when healing another.