Claire Aoki is Helen's best friend since childhood. Claire does not know of Helen's Scion heritage until they are both sixteen however she does recognize that her best friend has some inhumane traits and talents. She is the exact image of the mortal wife of Troilus in Trojan times, Cressida who "betrayed her husband for a greek lover.

Physical AppearanceEdit

"'Five feet and two inches of pure terror, ' Claire boasted as she held out her hand, expecting Jason to help her. He folded his arms across his chest deliberately. 'Is that how tall you are without those ridiculus shoes?' he said derisively. 'I think I was born bigger than that."'

Claire is Japanese and is described as very short.

Both Hector and Jason's nickname for her is 5"2.


Jason DelosEdit

At first Claire and Jason appear to hate each other however, but secretly Jason is in love with Claire. He pushed her away and pretended to hate her to keep her safe from the Scion world. Claire does not realize this until she is pushed onto the brink of death and Jason carries her out of the Underworld. Jason is very overprotective of Claire. In Goddess, Claire goes to Matt's side against Helen's, leaving Jason feeling betrayed. When Daphne brings Claire back, Helen sees the mustard yellow bitterness in his heart, which transforms back to love when he is healing Claire from arrow wounds.

Daphne Atreus Edit

Like her best friend Claire had never really met Daphne until she tried to kidnapp Helen and talk to Cassandra (the Oracle). When Helen was a small child Daphne placed a curse on her that did not allow her to use her Scion powers infront of mortals. However, knowing that Helen and Claire were best friends (Daphne herself was close friends with Mrs. Aoki) Daphne did not let the curse apply to Claire. "Daphne had loved Claire since she was a baby, she had explained to Helen the night before, and she had always worried for Claire's safety growing up alongside a Scion"