Cassandra Delos is Lucas Delos's baby sister. She is the reincarnation of the Oracle and of her namesake, the Trojan priestess and a daughter of Priam. 

In the trilogyEdit

Cassandra "Cassie" Delos first appears in the first novel together with her cousins and sibling in the school.


Orian Evander

Cassandra and Orion share a mutual bond and is clearly manifested at the start of the third book to which Orion calls her his "kitty." As the story progresses, Orion gives her a bell-bound gauntlet bracelet attributing it to Cassandra's being his kitty. Helen also recognizes this mutual bond the two share when she acquires the ability to see through people's emotions seeing how Cassandra's emotional spectrum flies and bounces about when she speaks to Orion. Near the end of the book, Cassandra has chosen Orion to be her champion, to which he happily accepted.