Andy (also known as Andromache) is first introduced in the third and final installment of the series, Goddess. She is half-siren, half-human, and attended an all-girl Catholic school before the incident with Apollo. She later becomes romantically involved with Hector Delos. She is the modern incarnation of Andromache, the wife of Hector of Troy.

History Edit

Some time prior to the beginnings of the novel, Andy was left by her mother, who was a siren. She was left with "a lawyer and a bank account", and it is assumed that she has fended for herself since her mother left her. She has attended all-girl Catholic schools all her life, in an attempt to avoid accidentally charming any men. After her best friend tried to kiss her in a history class during 7th grade, she also resolved not to have any girl friends.

Goddess Edit

At the beginning of the novel, Andy is practicing a piece by Bach on the school's organ, while becoming frustrated with the metronome, when she sees a "heavenly glow" through the stained glass window in the chapel. When she finishes her practice, she goes outside and encounters Apollo, who startles her. Thoug she doesn't recognise Apollo, she realises that he is a God, and attempts to hypnotise him, though this obviously fails.

She manages to escape from him temporarily by joining some other girls, and then heads to campus security to report Apollo. Campus security give her a fob with a panic button to alert them if she sees her stalker again. However, after Andy leaves her Astronomy class, Apollo acosts her again and Andy cannot reach her fob, to call ampus security.

Helen sees Andy in her dream being chased and attacked by a dolphin (Apollo). Helen sees that Andy is trying to swim away from Apollo, who keeps pushing her beneath the surface and beating her with his flippers and tail until she begins to bleed. Andy begins to swim for a bouy, but Apollo wraps his arms around her and squeezes.

It is later revealed when Ariadne and Helen go to rescue Andy from the hospital that Andy somehow managed to escape from Apollo, but he had beaten her so badly that he had broken her leg, and before they can move her, Ariadne first has to heal her.

Andy is obviously very traumatised by the attack, as evidenced when she begins screaming and having a panic attack when she sees Hector, who is the double of Apollo in appearance. Andy regards Hector bitterly and shows extreme dislike towards him.